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How to create custom fields on Outplay

Add custom fields to Prospect, Account or Opportunity

Using custom fields on Outplay can improve data organization. It allows you to organize and categorize data in a way that’s most meaningful to you, making it easier for you to access and analyze important information. 

Custom fields can also enhance personalization - by storing prospect information such as interests, pain points, and other factors, allowing you to personalize your approach and increase your chances of closing a deal.

Overall, custom fields can provide you with greater flexibility and help achieve better results.

Here’s how you can create a custom field on Outplay: 

Log into Outplay.

Under the Engagement section, navigate to ProfileSettings.

Click Field Configuration from the sidebar menu.

Here, you can choose the object to which you want to add the custom field - Prospect, Account, & Opportunity. For instance, click the Prospect tab.

Example: If you choose to add the custom field to Account, then all accounts on Outplay will have the new custom field where you can add information as required. The process to add a new custom field is similar for all objects. 

The section displays the Default Fields as well as Custom Fields.

Navigate to the Custom Fields section and click the Add Custom Field button.

The Add Custom Field window pops up. Here, you can complete the following fields:

Custom Field Name: Enter a name for your new custom field. NOTE:  Only Lower Case Characters, Numbers, and Underscore(_) can be used to create a custom field name.
Field Type: Select the type of information you want to store in the field. For example, you can choose the custom field to only accept Text, Number, Date (MM:DD:YYYY TT:TT)*,** URL (Website Link), Picklist, or Lookup

NOTE: A picklist is a type of field that allows you to select a value from a predefined list of options. If you choose the Picklist option, you can complete the following fields to create options for the user to select in the field.

NOTE: A lookup field allows you to quickly and easily find and select a related record from another section or object. This can be useful for linking information from different areas of Outplay, such as linking a prospect to an account, or linking an opportunity to a prospect. If you choose the Lookup option, you can complete the following fields to map a record to a Prospect, Account, Opportunity, or User.

Click Add.

The custom field is created and added to the Outplay object of your choice successfully.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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