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How to search in a recorded conversation

Find exactly what you’re looking for in a conversation

Your conversations with prospective clients can be long. So, how do you find something specific that was mentioned in the meeting? With Outplay, you can simply search with the desired keywords to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

On Outplay, once the recorded conversation is saved and analyzed, you can use the Search feature for keywords or topics that were discussed when they were mentioned - by anyone in the meeting. This powerful tool also lets you search for anything within Transcripts, Notes, Highlights, Next Steps, and much more! 

Here’s how you can search for keywords in recorded calls:

Log into Outplay. Click the Intelligence tab.

The Recordings tab under the Conversations section is displayed by default. Here, you can view all your recordings. Select a recording in which you want to search.

Click the Search button.

The Search panel slides in from the right. You can search for specific keywords of your choice through the recording. For example, search for “call”. All the dialogues in the conversation with the keyword “call” are displayed in sections such as Next Steps, Transcript, and Highlights.

You can select the section in which you want to view the search results. For example, click Highlights. The dialogues with the keyword mentioned in the meeting are listed.

You can toggle between Video and Transcription formats for the recording. Click a specific dialogue to analyze the recording for the specific time frame.
For Video Mode, the seek bar moves to the time frame when the keyword was mentioned.
For Transcription Mode, the dialogue with the keyword is detected and displayed.

TIP: You can enter specific keywords such as "Competitors", "Customer Goals", "Next steps", "Pain Points", or "Questions" to narrow down your search results.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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