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How to Setup Crelate Integration

In this article, we will discuss how to set up Crelate Integration with Outplay

Outplay supports integration with Crelate so that you can sync the data on both platforms.

This is a native integration that is bi-directional, which means you can send your data from Outplay to Crelate and vice-versa.


Pull the contacts from Crelate to Outplay, vice-versa.

Add the contacts to any sequence on Outplay based on the jobs & job stage of the contact.

Sync all the engagements on Outplay to Crelate.

Update job stage on Crelate based on the actions on Outplay(reply received, bounced, etc.)

Outplay + Crelate integration step by step guide

You can find a quick video on how to set the Crelate integration, import prospects from Crelate and adding them directly to a sequence.

Setting up the integration

 Go to the settings page.
Under company settings, click on Integrations & API.
Turn the toggle for Crelate on.

Please enter the API key(can be found from API access of Manage your profile & preferences page of your Crelate account) in the box provided and click on save API key. Read Here to understand how to get your API keys.

On successful integration, you will see the following screen:

Click on Contact to complete the field mapping and configure your sync settings for the same respectively.

Configure the sync settings, complete the Field Mapping and switch the periodic poll toggle on to have automatic sync for the set frequency, and click on Save at the bottom of the page.

Once these are set up the integration is ready.

Now you can map custom fields in Crelate to the ones created in Outplay as well.

We have also decreased the sync time from 10minutes.

Note: Phone numbers and email addresses are automatically synced and are only inbound. No field mapping is required for both these fields.

Sync settings explained

Periodically poll Crelate for new and changed Contact:

If this is enabled, then periodic polling is done between Outplay and Crelate to sync the data depending on the polling frequency that is set(If the polling frequency is set to 10 minutes, then synchronisation between Outplay and Crelate will be done every 10 minutes).

You can click on Sync now for the synchronisation to be done right away.

Inbound Settings

Create Prospect in Outplay when Contact not exists:
Always - whenever a new contact gets created in crelate, it will auto gets created in Outplay irrespective of that contact is mapped to any job or not.
Only when adding a job - contact gets created in Outplay only if that contact is mapped to the job and that job is mapped to any sequence in Outplay.

*Update Prospect in Outplay:
If this is enabled, if a contact from Crelate matches any of the prospects on Outplay, then data of that prospect will be updated to match the data as on Crelate.
*Add Crelate Contact to Outplay Sequence Automatically based on Job Contact Stage(including existing contacts)
If this is enabled, you can add the contacts from Crelate into a sequence within Outplay directly based on the job stage that is set for the contact on Crelate, given that you have the sequence settings to be able to do so.

*Create/update tags in Outplay if does not exist
If this is enabled, if a tag from Crelate matched any of the prospects on Outplay, then tag assigned to that prospect will be updated to match the tag as on Crelate.

*Mark the prospect as opt-out in Outplay, if Contact Record Status is any of the following
Outplay will mark the prospect as opted-out, if contact record status synching from Crelate of any of the contacts matches to the mapped options in this field 

Outbound Settings

*Create Contact in Crelate if Prospect not exists:
If this is enabled, prospects on your Outplay (created after the integration is set up) who are not on Crelate will be added as your contacts on Crelate.
*Update Contact in Crelate:
If this is enabled, if a prospect on Outplay matches any of the contacts on Crelate, then data of that contact will be updated to match the data as on Outplay.

*Add Sequence Prospects to Job, if they are not found in Crelate:
If this is enabled, prospects in a sequence that is mapped to a job on Crelate will be added to the job on Crelate, if they are not already added to the job.

On removing Prospect from Opportunity in Outplay, remove Contact from Job in Crelate
If this is enabled, then only Outplay will remove the contact from Job  if that contact is removed from Opportunity in Outplay.

How does Crelate integration work?

Once the integration is set up, jobs that were created in the past 30 days will be automatically synced onto Outplay.

If you wish to sync jobs that were created before 30 days you will have to edit them and they will be synced.

Only the contacts which are mapped to a sequence are pulled onto Outplay.

All the contacts synced from Crelate will automatically be given a tag as "Crelate" so that you can filter them easily using tags.

You visit the profile of the prospect on Crelate at a click of a button that you have in the profile of the prospect on Outplay.

How to import contacts directly to a sequence on Outplay?

On successfully setting up the Crelate integration, In the settings page of a sequence, you will be able to see additional settings for Crelate, where contacts of a specific job and the desired job stage on Crelate can be automatically added to the sequence.

Read Here to understand how the sequence settings with Crelate job's mapping works.

You can also change the job stage based on the activities, such as replies received or email bounces, with the settings.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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