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Out of Office FAQs

Everything you need to know about the OOO Detection feature on Outplay

When reaching out to prospects, it can be challenging to manage responses from prospects who are out of office (OOO). However, with Outplay Bot, you can simplify the process and stay on top of OOO emails effortlessly. Outplay Bot instantly detects OOO and autoresponder emails, pauses the sequence for OOO prospects, and provides you with essential information. 

This comprehensive FAQ guide to help you understand and utilize the Out of Office feature on Outplay effectively.

Q: How can I configure the OOO settings on Outplay?

Click here to learn more about configuring OOO settings on Outplay. 

Q: How can I configure OOO settings for a specific sequence?

You can enable OOO for individual sequences. Click here to learn more. 

Q: How does Outplay Bot help with OOO emails?

Outplay Bot detects OOO or autoresponder emails and promptly notifies you through a pop-up message. It fetches important information such as the return date and alternate contact details, if mentioned, from the OOO email.

Q: How can I view OOO emails and notifications?

You can view OOO emails and notifications in the following ways:

View OOO emails: Double click the prospect for whom you received an OOO notification in the Prospect section and navigate to the Email section in the Prospect Information Panel. Here, you can view the OOO email you received.
View OOO notifications: You can find OOO notifications in the following locations:
By clicking the Notifications icon on the top panel.
On your Live Feed.
In the Prospect Activity panel.

How can I respond to Outplay Bot notifications for OOO emails?

When you receive an OOO email, you have two response options:

Pause sequence until return date: Select the checkbox for this option if you want to pause the sequence for the prospect until their return. You can also modify the resume date by clicking on the date and selecting a new date from the pop-up calendar.
Add new contact info: Select the checkbox for this option if you want to add the alternate contact as a prospect and map it to the original prospect's account.

After selecting the desired options, click Done to save your response.

Q: How can I view paused prospects and modify the resume date?

To view paused prospects and modify the resume date, follow these steps:

Go to Sequences on Outplay.
Select the sequence of your choice.
On the Sequence page, click the Prospects tab. Then, navigate to the Paused tab to filter the prospects.
You will find all the paused prospects along with their resume dates in the sequence. To modify a resume date, click the Resume Date in Sequence and select a preferred date from the pop-up calendar.

Q: How does the Outplay Bot predict a return date?

Outplay Bot analyzes the OOO email and detects a return date mentioned in the email.

Q: Can Outplay Bot detect incorrect return dates?

Yes, Outplay Bot can detect incorrect return dates. If the return date is 100 days or more from the current date, Outplay Bot will not register it.

Q: What kind of emails are detected for OOO?

OOO only works for prospects' emails that are mapped in any sequence. It does not work for one-off emails.

Q: What happens when Outplay Bot is unable to detect a return date?

If a return date is not detected, the default number of days set under OOO Configuration for the respective sequence will be applicable. 

If the OOO Configuration is not set for the sequence, the Org Settings will be applicable.

Q: Why am I not receiving notifications from Outplay Bot for OOO emails even after configuration?

There are a few possible reasons for not receiving notifications:

The email sender or prospect may not be in a sequence.
The detected return date is more than 100 days from the present date.
The return date mentioned in the OOO email is a date in the past.

Q: Can Outplay Bot read relative statements like "I will return at the end of next week"?

Yes, Outplay Bot can analyze and understand relative statements. The date of receiving such an OOO email will be used to calculate a possible return date.

Q: Will there be a return date when OOO Configuration in a sequence is not set?

If the OOO Configuration under a sequence is not enabled, there will be no return date for any OOO prospects in that sequence.

Q: If a prospect is mapped with more than one sequence and an OOO email is received for one sequence, what will be the prospect status in the other sequences?

Outplay will mark the prospect as OOO and Paused for all the sequences they are a part of, and the return date will be mapped in all the sequences.

Q: If a prospect is mapped with more than one sequence and the return date is not detected, what will happen?

Outplay will mark the return date in every sequence the prospect is a part of based on the return date configuration set in each sequence.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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