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Retry Bounced Prospects in Outplay

Give Your Prospects a Second Chance with the Retry Option

Have you ever wanted to give a second chance to a bounced prospect and retry sending them an email? Outplay makes it possible with the Retry option! Read on to learn how you can filter out and retry your bounced prospects in just a few clicks.

When a prospect bounces, they are moved to the Bounced state in Outplay. However, with the Retry option, you can try sending emails to bounced prospects again from the respective sequence. Based on the result, the prospects will be updated in both the sequence state level and prospect stage level.

If the Retry is successful, the bounced state will be removed and the prospect will move back to their previous stage. If the Retry is unsuccessful, the bounced state will remain unchanged.

To use the Retry option:

Navigate to the Prospects section under Engagement on Outplay.

Click Filters and set the Prospect Status as Bounced.

Select all the bounced prospects.

Click the More Option icon to choose the Retry option.

NOTE: The Retry option works for prospects in active sequences only.

NOTE: The Admin of the account will always have the privilege to use the Retry option. However, a User should have the privilege to Manage All Sequences and Manage All Prospects (Roles & Permissions).

The Retry option can help you recover lost opportunities and increase your chances of converting prospects into customers.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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