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Select Specific Dates To Run Sequences

Run Sequences on specific dates instead of automated timings if needed.

While creating a sequence within Outplay, users get an option to specify the day on which they would’ve liked their sequences to run, but now you’ll also be able to specify the exact time and day for which you would like the sequence to run. This is just to provide more customisability to the sequencing flow for Outplay users.

How to Add a sequence step and specify the time?

Login to the Outplay portal

Navigate to the Sequence and click on create a sequence.

Click on Add a new step.

Select the type of step you want to add and click on Advance settings

Under Advance settings, click on Specific Date as option

Choose the option for sending emails

Save the step

Points to remember:

While scheduling a sequence for a specific date/time, the date selected cannot be a past or current date. It can only be a future date.

Once the date and time have been passed, any prospect added to the sequence or pending at that step will automatically be marked as failed.

If a user tries to clone the sequence which has the specific date/time step mentioned and that date/time is already a passed date, the system will not allow it.

If the user selects the specific date/time option then the no. of days option to select will be disabled.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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