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Set your sequence sending limits

Set your sequence sending limits Use sending limits to control how many emails a single sequence can send out in one day

Sending too many emails in a day can trigger spam penalties from email providers, so Outplay provides you with tools to limit your email sending across your account

But if you have several sequences running at once, you don't want one sequence to use up your available emails. So you can set limits per sequence, and choose which email is given priority when a sequence is running close to its limit, to ensure all your sequences can send the emails you need.

Note: If you set a sequence's sending limit to more than your Outplay account limit, your sequence still won't send more than your Outplay account limit.

Sending limits are set in the sequence Settings screen.

In the Sequences screen, click the sequence you want to edit.

Click the Settings screen.

Set the max prospects that can be enrolled in this sequence in a day.
This helps you enroll X no. of prospects each day even if you import 1000s of prospects.

Select which email should be prioritized for sending if the sequence gets close to its sending limit.

Scroll down and click Save.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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