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Smart views

Smart Views are a saved set of filters that you can apply to filter out your data set.

These are the shortcuts for a search you will perform more than once. You can create more than one smart view and use them whenever you would want to. Whenever you apply a Smart View to a search, you can add or remove as many additional filters as you like and save them as a new View.

Smart Views can be used on Accounts, Prospects, Tasks, Calls, Meetings, Sequences >> Prospects (any page with filters)

Open prospect section, Find (Filters & Views) on the right side.

Click on it, A small tab containing a Smart view on the right corner of the screen and filters will pop out.

Smart view - predefined filter views for personal or team use for quickly viewing the required prospects depending on the requirement.

Smart/Saved views option -- Revamping views option in filters.

In the filters bar, where the filters are applied, you'll see the name of the (default) view you're currently starting with.

Save and Update Smart Views

Whenever you click Save as Smart view, the filters you have currently applied will be converted into a view which you can reapply at any time in the future. First, a modal will pop up where you give your View a distinct name, select which of your Outplay Users will own it, and whether or not you want to share it with your team or keep it private to your login.

Once the view is saved, the Smart View tab will show that the view name

Here, you will also be able to see the Team views as well which are set as shared by other team members. Also, the view which is set as default will be visible at first glance.

How to edit the view

Click on the 3 dots button and click on the edit option.

Click on Smart View

The system will open the popup and show two options.

Update Existing View >>Selecting this option will overwrite the already mapped filters with new filters added.

Create New View >>Selecting this option will open a popup and the user can add the name and select the sharing setting.

Important notes:

Clearing all the filters - It will clear the filters and data will come basis of no filters.

Whenever you revisit the page but the portal is opened - then the previous filters applied will be already there.

When the window is closed and reopened - the default view will apply

Two views with the same name should not be allowed.

The first time, if there is no view available, then the system should show Save smart view, and save pop up should come.

Team view cannot be deleted.

If you select the team to view, then the user can save that view but cannot modify the team view (This will act like cloning).

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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