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Stop sequence to all prospects in an account when a reply is received


Managing communication with multiple prospects efficiently is crucial for successful sales and marketing operations. To streamline this process, many organizations implement automated email sequences. However, continuing to send these sequences to all prospects in an account after receiving a reply can be counterproductive and potentially annoying. Therefore, implementing a "Stop Sequence" feature becomes essential. This article will explore the importance and implementation of the "Stop Sequence to All Prospects in an Account When a Reply is Received" setting in organizational settings and how prospect panel activity is captured accordingly.

What is the "Stop Sequence" Feature?

The "Stop Sequence" feature ensures that once a reply is received from any prospect within an account, all ongoing automated email sequences to other prospects in the same account are halted. This prevents redundant or overwhelming communication and allows for a more personalized follow-up based on the received reply.

How to Enable the "Stop Sequence" Feature in Org Settings

Enabling the "Stop Sequence" feature is straightforward and can be done through the organizational settings. Here’s how:

Access Org Settings: Navigate to the organization’s settings within Outplay portal.
Find the Stop Sequence Option: Look for the "Stop Sequence to All Prospects in an Account When a Reply is Received" option.
Enable the Feature: Toggle the setting to enable it. Ensure you save the changes to apply the new setting.

Capturing Activity on the Prospect Panel

Once the "Stop Sequence" feature is enabled, the activity will be reflected on the prospect panel. Here’s what you can expect:

Activity Log: The prospect panel will capture and display the activity, including the fact that a reply has been received and the sequences have been stopped.
Prospect Status Update: The status of prospects within the account will be updated, indicating that the sequence has been halted due to a reply.

Benefits of Activity Capture on the Prospect Panel

Real-Time Updates: Sales teams receive real-time updates on the prospect’s status and reply details.
Streamlined Workflow: Helps in maintaining a streamlined workflow by keeping all relevant information in one place.
Actionable Insights: Provides actionable insights that can be used to craft personalized responses and follow-ups.


The "Stop Sequence to All Prospects in an Account When a Reply is Received" feature is a valuable tool for any organization aiming to optimize their communication strategies. By enabling this feature in organizational settings and capturing the activity on the prospect panel, businesses can enhance their engagement efficiency, improve customer experience, and ensure that their communication is both timely and relevant. Implementing this feature not only saves resources but also empowers sales teams with better insights and more effective follow-up strategies.

By utilizing the "Stop Sequence" feature, organizations can maintain a high standard of communication with their prospects, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and productive.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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