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Troubleshooting Sending Rate Limit & Email Delays.

In this article, we will discuss how to resolve email delays due to sending rate limits.

Within Outplay, users are able to customize their email sending rates and limits.

These can be done either through the Organisation Settings or Safety Settings.

Sometimes, due to multiple factors, emails that are scheduled to go out are delayed.

As per the schedules set within Outplay for the sequences, a user can send out up to 200 emails per day. If they are scheduling more than 200 emails, the other emails will be scheduled for the next day.

If the user is interacting with multiple prospects from the same company, there might be delays in sending out the emails to other members of the same company if the safety limit is set at 2. 

This can be changed again and emails will be sent out, to know how to change this value click here.

If you are doing cold outreach to or other private domain, we advise you to increase the Max emails allowed to the same domain in a day to more than 200, or else the sending rate limit will not allow the emails to be sent out.

All these safety settings are to make sure the user's domain is safe and no spam or deliverability issues are not caused.

Minimum delay between emails is the interval b/w each email that is scheduled out from outplay. This is by default set at 120 seconds and can be decreased. This is again to make sure that the domain is safe and is not marked as spam by the provider. If you wish to send out more emails in the defined schedules in a day, this can be decreased to 60 seconds to decrease the sending 200 emails by 2x.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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