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Configure your Org Settings

Set parameters for the activities of your users on Outplay

As an Admin, you can configure safety settings for users and teams on Outplay. You can set the number of emails that can be sent by a user and the number of emails sent to a domain. Moreover, you can prioritize sequences, enable features like call waiting, call recording, and much more. 



  • Org Settings can be configured by an Admin account only.
  • Users will not be able to override Org Settings. 


This article discusses the following:

Configure your organization settings

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.



  • On the Settings sidebar menu, navigate to the Company section and click Org Settings.



  • On the Org Settings page, there are two tabs: 
    • General Settings
    • Priorities




Under General Settings, there are two sections:

  • Safety
  • Out of Office Configuration





Under the Safety section, you can configure the following:





Maximum emails allowed to the same domain in a day

Enter the maximum number of emails that a user can send to a specific domain in a day.

Do not create prospects for the below domains

Enter the domains you want to avoid while a user creates prospects.

How many emails can be sent in a day by user?

Enter the maximum number of emails that a user can send in a day.

Set a default font family

Select the default font style for users. 

Set a default font size

Select the default font size for users. 

Task re-assign on owner change

Enable the toggle if you want to re-assign tasks for a prospect when the owner is changed. 

Enable Call Waiting

Enable the toggle if you want the call waiting feature to be available for users.

Enable Call Recording

Enable the toggle if you want the call recording feature to be available for users.


Out of Office Configuration

Suppose, you’ve reached out to a prospect but they are out of office. They respond to your email by mentioning their availability in the future or they leave an alternate contact for you.

By enabling and setting the Out of Office Configuration, Outplay Bot instantly notifies you of OOO and autoresponder emails. Moreover, you can set resume dates for paused prospects and save alternate contact information - all from a notification pop-up window! 


  • Navigate to the Out of Office Configuration section under the General Settings tab.



  • You can configure the following under the OOO section:



Enable out of office Configuration

Enable the toggle if you want to activate the Out of Office feature on Outplay. 

Enable Bot to predict a Return date

Enable the toggle if you want Outplay Bot to analyze an Out of Office email response and predict a return date of the prospect. 

The default number of days to resume a prospect in a sequence 

Enable the toggle if you want to resume a prospect in a sequence when the return date is not mentioned in the out-of-office email response. 

Here, you can enter the number of days after which the prospect can be resumed in a sequence in such an instance. 


  • After completing the fields, click Save



NOTE: Outplay Bot will only detect OOO emails from prospects who respond to you as part of a sequence.


Under the Priorities tab, you can create priority statuses for sequences and configure the priority level for each status. 

Create a priority status

  • Click on the Priority tab on the Org Settings page.


  • Click Add Priority.



  • Give a name for the priority status and click Save.




Change priority levels

You can change the level of priority for statuses as per your requirement. Outplay executes sequences based on the order of the priority status as configured here.

  • In the Priorities section, click and hold the double arrow icon next to a priority status.



  • Drag the status to the desired level. 



The status is moved to the desired level and prioritized in the order of the list. 



User View

Priority status is visible to users in the Sequence Priority field under the Settings section of a Sequence. Users can choose the priority status for the sequence and the sequence is executed as per the order set in the Priorities list. 



FAQs for Priorities 

  • If a user assigns the same priority status to multiple sequences, which sequence will be executed first? 

Outplay considers precedence as top priority. 

However, in such a case, Outplay takes the date and time at which the sequence was assigned the priority level into consideration. The sequence which was assigned the latest will be executed first. 

For example, a priority status is assigned to Sequence A on 29th June 2022 at 09:40 PM. Later, the same priority status is also assigned to Sequence B on 29th June 2022 at 10:00 PM. In this case, Outplay will execute Sequence B first. 

If the limit for sending emails is exhausted while executing Sequence B, Outplay will wait for 24 hours before executing the pending emails of Sequence B. After that, Outplay will execute Sequence A. 

  • While approaching sending limits for a day, how does Outplay prioritize emails in a sequence? 

Outplay prioritizes pending emails first in any given sequence.


  • What happens when emails are scheduled in a high-priority sequence?

In such a case, Outplay will analyze the next sequence based on priority and execute the same first. At the scheduled time, Outplay will pause the ongoing sequence and execute the high-priority scheduled sequence. 


  • Who can assign a priority status to a sequence? 

Only the Owner of a sequence can assign its priority. This applies to personal as well as team sequences.