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Why do some prospect emails fail and what can you do about it?

Understanding Failed emails on Outplay

Outplay not only helps you achieve your sales goals but also makes prospecting easier. When you send an email to a prospect with missing information, like adding a variable to your template, Outplay automatically populates the missing information. 

But what happens when some prospects don't have the required information? In such cases, the emails will be marked as 'Failed' to prevent them from being sent.

**How to find 'Failed' emails?**

Simply go to your Outbox and click the Failed tab to see the reasons why the email failed. The most common reasons are 'Template variables are missing' and 'No Email'.

**What can you do to fix the issue?**

For missing template variables, simply click on the email to open it and remove the unknown variable before sending it again. You can also pause the sequence, edit the template and reactivate the sequence.

For 'No Email', update the prospect's email address and click Send. If you delete the email, the prospect will be marked as 'Paused' in the respective sequence.

NOTE: You cannot bulk remove missing template variables or bulk add missing email addresses.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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