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Why my call stats on reports are not matching with the calls page

Outplay currently supports dialing to the direct one -off numbers which are not mapped to any prospect.

This means, that if you have called any number that is not mapped to any prospect then that dial will be visible on the calls page.

However, reports consist of the prospect's data i.e. any meeting booked, email sent, received, or dialed is linked to the prospect.

This is why numbers on the calls page might not match with numbers on reports.

Don't worry, you can fix that by toggling the configuration on under the org settings

How this will help

If this toggle is ON, then whenever you dial any number that is not mapped to any prospect, Outplay will create the prospect automatically and then the dial will be counted on the reports resulting in matching the counts on both the pages.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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