Linkedin or Twitter

How to connect Linkedin or Twitter with Outplay?

Outplay doesn't have any direct integration with Linkedin or Twitter. Linkedin or Twitter are tasks created as part of the sequence where a user performs them manually.

Click the link below to watch a quick video on how to perform Linkedin Tasks.


Here is how users perform Linkedin actions as part of Outplay sequence when the Linkedin step is created as a task in Tasks page :

  1. Select Tasks from the Tasks list and click on Play.

2. On clicking the play button, A task execution window will be opened to execute the task where you'll find the Linkedin button.

3. Click on the Linkedin button from Task Execution Window and this will redirect to prospects Linkedin Page.

If you've already added a Linkedin URL to your prospect in prospect fields, the Linkedin button will be automatically enabled.

4. If the Action is Linkedin InMail, copy the message from Instructions and paste it in prospects Linkedin mail and Click on send.

5. Now, get back to outplay and click on complete.