Reasons behind 'Prospect Failed'.

Reasons behind 'Prospect Failed'.

Outplay not only helps in crushing your Sales Goals but also takes care of your prospecting. When you are sending an email to a prospect whose information is unknown i.e let's say you are adding a variable to your template and start sending emails, the title information of the prospects will be automatically populated in the email if they are available but what if some prospects do not have 'title information', yet the emails have been sent with the variable? Will it even look like a Personalised email? No, right?

Outplay prevents such cases from happening to your prospects and marks them as 'Failed'.


Go to your Outbox >> Failed >> Hover your cursor on the message to know the reason.

The most common reasons for failure can be 'Template variables are missing' and 'No Email'. There are other reasons too, but not to worry, they are self-explanatory!


FOR TEMPLATE VARIABLE MISSING - Click on the email to open and remove the template variable that is unknown and click on send! You can also Pause the sequence, edit your template (remove the template variable) and reactivate the sequence.

FOR 'NO EMAIL' - You can update the email address of the prospect and click on send. If you delete the email, the prospect will be marked as 'Paused' in the respective sequence.

NOTE: You can neither bulk remove the 'Missing template variable' nor bulk add missing email addresses.