Retry Bounced Prospects

Filter out and retry bounced prospects.

Since everybody deserves a second chance, Outplay gives you one too!

All bounced prospects now come with a Retry option!

The Retry option will retry sending emails to bounced prospects from the respective sequence and based upon the result, the prospects will be updated in both the sequence state level and prospect stage level.

If the Retry was successful, the bounced state will be removed.

If the Retry was unsuccessful, the bounced state will remain unchanged.


The Retry Option will be available in the Prospects section under Filters and Views. As soon as we select those bounced prospects, a meatball menu (three dots) will be visible next to 'Filters and Views', click on the three dots and choose the Retry option to try re-sending emails.

  1. Go to your Prospects section from your Outplay app Panel.

  2. Click on Filters and views and Choose the Filter option.

  3. In the Prospect Status, choose Bounced.

Select all the bounced prospects and click on the three dots to choose the Retry option.



The Admin of the account will always have the privilege to use the Retry option but the user who is trying to use the Retry option for the bounced prospects should have the privilege to Manage all sequences and Manage all prospects (Roles & Permissions). If the permission to execute 'Manage all sequences and Manage all prospects' is not authorized by Admin, then the user will not be able to retry the prospects.


The Retry option will retry the prospects again in the respective sequence and on the basis of the result, the prospects will be updated in the respective stages. There are two cases to consider while using the Retry option.


Let's assume there are 20 prospects in the bounce tab in sequence A, by using the Retry option, 15 prospects happen to be No bounce, therefore those 15 prospects will be moved out of bounced state and get updated in the respective stage in all the sequences, whereas the other 5 prospects will remain in the bounced state in all the sequences.

NOTE: Bounced is the only State available in the Prospects Status.

NOTE: The Retry option works well only with the Active sequences.