SDR- First Touchpoint(FT)

A default field populates as soon as an SDR contacts the prospect.

A new field (default) is added to all the prospects in the prospect's information. The name of the field is SDR First touch, a date type field that populates automatically when an SDR contacts the prospect for the very first time.


With the help of this feature, we can filter out prospects who were contacted (for the first time in the prospect's history) from date/month/year to date/month/year.


The SDR First touch-field will be visible in the prospect's information, can also export data based on First touch-field, can also filter out prospects based on their First Touchpoint, and also visible in chrome extension (prospect's details) as well.

NOTE: The first touch can be any of these types: first one-off email, first call, first SMS, or first sequence email.