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Create sequences from Sequence Library

Build a new sequence from the Sequence Library

Outplay gives you an option to either create a sequence from Scratch or use the already pre-made Sequence from the Library.

Clicking onto the Sequence Library, Outplay displays all the available categories where users can choose their required one. On the right-hand side, Outplay shows you the list of influencers along with their Name, LinkedIn icon, photo, and the sequences in that category as well. Click on the influencer and click on continue to see the sequence templates readily available.


With the help of Filters, users can filter out sequence templates based on Influencers, ratings, popularity, and category.

After choosing the right category, clicking on the influencer, Outplay shows you all the steps within the selected sequence. Further clicking on the email step, the user will be able to see the template with different variants if setup.

With every template available, the stats will be displayed in both percentages and in numbers. Clicking on the email template will take you to the email template screen where the user can see the email content and can further change the details if needed.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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