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How to add a new stage to an opportunity pipeline

Add stages as per your sales process

Stages play an important role in organising and tracking the progress of each opportunity through the pipeline. You can add stages to an opportunity pipeline as per the sales process followed by your organisation. This way, you can ensure that each opportunity is properly tracked and managed.

Here’s how you can add a new stage in an opportunity pipeline on Outplay: 

Log into Outplay. Under the Engagement section, go to ProfileSettings.

Click Stages from the sidebar menu.

Navigate to the Opportunity Pipeline tab.

Here, you can view the pipelines that you create. Click the opportunity pipeline to which you want to add a stage.

In the selected opportunity pipeline, you can view all the stages that are currently available by default in the same.

Click the Add Stage button.

The Add New Stage window pops up. Here, you can complete the following fields:
Stage Name: Enter a name for the stage.
Deal Category: Categorizes the status of an opportunity in your pipeline and helps track the status of each opportunity. There are three options:
Open: Means the opportunity is still active and ongoing.
Closed Won: Means the opportunity has been successfully closed and the sale has been made.
Closed Lost: Means the opportunity has not been successful and the deal has been lost.
Probability: Allows you to assign a percentage value to each opportunity in this stage, representing the likelihood of closing the deal successfully. The field can be adjusted with ranges from 0% to 100%.

Click Save.

The stage is added to the opportunity pipeline successfully.

NOTE: The Move toggle in each stage allows you to rearrange the order of the stages in the pipeline. The stages will appear in the order of progression, with the top stage being the first in the process and the last stage being the final stage.

NOTE: Every stage in an opportunity pipeline displays the number of opportunities currently on the stage, probability, and deal category.

NOTE: You can modify or delete a stage by clicking the More Options button for the respective stage.

NOTE: Default stages are available when a pipeline is created. A pipeline should contain one or more stages.

Updated on: 09/06/2024

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