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How to configure Bot settings

Customize Bot and its activities to your convenience

Outplay’s Bot is a powerful sales tool that automatically joins your sales meetings for recording and transcription and provides you with the right battle cards to close deals faster. With Bot, you can choose exactly how it should work for you. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through configuring Bot settings to customize it to your convenience.

Log into Outplay. Click the Intelligence tab.

Navigate to ProfileSettings.

Navigate to the Company section on the sidebar menu and click Bot Setup.

You can edit the name of the bot through the Enter Bot Name field.

There are two settings you can configure here, they are:
Configure Bot Behavior & Recording
Privacy Settings

Configure Bot Behavior & Recording

These settings determine how Bot behaves and records while present in your meeting.

1. Which meetings should the Bot join?

When setting up the Bot, you get to decide which meetings it should join. There are two options available:

Option 1: Bot will only join meetings organized by a licensed team member

With this option, Outplay Bot will only join meetings if they are organized by someone who is a licensed team member. This means that you can be sure that all the meetings recorded by Outplay Bot are held by members of your team who are authorized to use the software.

Option 2: Bot will join meetings organized by anyone, if a licensed team member is a participant

If you choose this option, Outplay Bot will join any meeting that you are part of, regardless of who organized it. However, it will only do so if there is at least one licensed team member also participating in the meeting. This option gives you more flexibility to use Outplay Bot in a wider range of meetings.

By selecting the right option for your team, you can ensure that Outplay Bot works the way you want it to and provides the best possible value to your sales process.

2. Join internal meetings

When setting up the Bot, you can choose if it should join your internal meetings or not. Here are your options:

Option 1: Record all internal meetings

Select this option if you want the Bot to record all meetings, even those between internal stakeholders.

Option 2: Record internal meetings with external participants

Choose this option if you only want the Bot to record meetings that involve at least one external participant.

NOTE: Remember, it's important to respect privacy and ensure that the Bot is only used in accordance with company policies and applicable laws.

3. Enable Recording

You can customize Outplay Bot’s recording capabilities by selecting either of the following options: 

Record audio only

Record both audio & video

Privacy Settings

Under Privacy Settings, you can add domains to two sections in order for Outplay Bot to recognize internal users and external attendees, which are:

TIP: Use Comma, Space, or Enter to add multiple email domains.

Click Save.

You have configured Bot settings successfully.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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