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How to create an opportunity pipeline on Outplay

On Outplay, you can create an opportunity pipeline - a visual representation of the stages of your sales process, from lead generation to closure. It helps you track the progress of each sale and make more informed decisions about your sales strategy. By creating an opportunity pipeline on Outplay, you can streamline your sales process and stay organized, even as you manage multiple sales opportunities at once.

Creating an opportunity pipeline is simple and straightforward on Outplay. Here's how you can create an opportunity pipeline on Outplay: 

Log into Outplay. Under the Engagement section, go to ProfileSettings.

Click Stages from the sidebar menu.

Navigate to the Opportunity Pipeline tab. Here, you can view the pipelines that you create.

Click Add Opportunity Pipeline.

The Add Opportunity Pipeline window pops up. Here, you can enter the name of the new pipeline in the field given.

Click Add.

The opportunity pipeline is created successfully. 

Next, you can add stages or manage stages in your opportunity pipeline as per your sales process. 

NOTE: You can set a pipeline as default on Outplay. This means that any new opportunities that are created, but not added to an opportunity pipeline, will automatically be added to the default pipeline. The opportunity will follow the stages and progression defined in the default pipeline. You can set a default opportunity pipeline by clicking the More Options button for a pipeline and selecting the Mark as Default option.

Updated on: 09/06/2024

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