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Resume a prospect

Resume a prospect in a sequence to start generating tasks and emails for them again.

If you've paused a prospect while they've been temporarily unavailable, you can easily resume them again to generate sequence emails and tasks for them.

You can resume prospects:

From the Sequences area of their prospect profile.

From the sequence Prospects screen.

Resume a prospect from their profile

In the Prospects screen, click the prospect you want to resume.

Click Sequences.

Click the options icon next to the sequence you want to resume.

Click Resume.
Note: The Resume action is only available if the sequence is already paused.

Resume a prospect from the sequence Prospects screen

In the Sequences screen, click the sequence you want to resume the prospect for.

Click Prospects.

Select the check box next to the prospects you want to resume.

Click the options button.

Click Resume.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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