How to setup website tracking in Outplay

In this article we will discuss on how to Set up and Enable Website Tracking.

To setup website tracking on your website user has to add a small script in either the header or the footer in all the pages where you want the tracking enabled.

You can find the script in the "Chat & Website tracking" section under company settings in the settings page. Copy the script  and add it to the website.

After the script is added, add the domain of the websites in which chat is integrated/link tracking is enabled in the box provided in the same page and save it. Also turn the website tracking enabled toggle on.

Once this procedure is done you are all set and the website tracking will be active.

If you use Google tag manager, create a new custom HTML tag, add the script to it, add the domain and turn the website tracking enabled toggle on.

Note: Please use the add link option available in the email editor to give the link to your website, to be able to track the activity.