Website tracking

How website tracking works and where to access the activity.

When a prospect clicks a link to your website in the email that is sent from Outplay and browses through the website, you can track the prospects activity.

You will be able to see the pages that a prospect has navigated through and the time spent on each page.

All this activity will be tracked and listed in the website tracking activity of the prospect.



User can see all the activity of website tracking for all the prospects in the website tracking page from the dashboard.



By default activity for the past week will be displayed in the page. You can click on clear all to view all the activity or can select the custom date range for which you want to see the activity for by clicking on the calendar icon on the right.


You can find help on how to set up website tracking here.

Note: Please use the add link option available in the email editor to give the link to your website, to be able to track the activity.