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Call Recording and Listening

Outplay allows you to record all your calls automatically.

You can also restrict call recording to specific countries automatically so that you don't accidentally record the calls where you're not legally allowed by entering those area/country codes in the restrict call recording section.

For Recording Calls:

Kindly ensure the recording button is enabled (shown in red color) while making calls. Once it is turned ON, it will record all the calls automatically.

Note: If the recording button is showing in Grey color then it means the recording is disabled.

Play and Download Call Recordings on the Platform:

To play calls on the platform, you can go to the call logs section and click on the play button.

You can click on the cloud icon to download the calls.

Note: You will be able to play and download only the calls that have been recorded.

You can also play the recording from your call outcome. Click on the + icon to view the call outcome and the play icon to listen to the recording.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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