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Voicemail (Inbound & Outbound)

Save a ton of time with pre-recorded Voicemail drops when your prospects are away.

Outplay allows users to send and receive voicemails from their prospects as a part of their sales process. You can now have predefined voice mail recordings and directly drop in those recordings when you dial your prospect. 

Also, when a prospect dials back and you're away from both your outplay system and forwarding number, you can now set Automated robotic voice message or add your own recording at the end of call so that your prospect drops a voicemail.

To setup Voicemail

Click User settings.

Click Calls.

Click Voice recording.

To setup predefined Voicemails

Click Create Voicemail button under Outbound Voicemail section.

Click Start Recording button.

Add name for the recording.

Click Create to save.

Note : You can set a default outbound voicemail by clicking on Make default next to recording, so that default Voicemail will be displayed in the dropdown list of dial pad.

Inbound Voicemail 

You can either choose an automated Voicemail prompt or create your own voicemail prompt for your inbound callers.

To create Inbound Voicemail - Automated

Click radio button next to Automated under Inbound Voicemail.

Type in the voicemail message under Custom Voicemail message prompt.

Select the type of tone under Voicemail message prompt voice from the dropdown.

Click Save.

To create Inbound Voicemail - Recorded

Click radio button next to Recorded under Inbound Voicemail.

Click Record new Voicemail prompt.

Click Start Recording button.

Add name for the recording.

Click Create to Save.

Outbound Voicemail

When you dial your prospect and your prospect automated voicemail asks you to drop a message after beep, you can actually leave a voicemail from your recordings.

To leave a voicemail for your prospect

On Dialing, Click on Add voicemail icon from Dialer the moment you hear automated message.

Select Voicemail from the dropdown.

Click Leave voicemail & hangup.

Note : When you receive a voicemail from your prospect, you'll be notified via Email. All your inbound voicemails will be recorded in calls section.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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