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Purchasing a Phone number & Charges

Pricing information on phone/SMS charges, purchase a number.

Outplay uses Twilio as a partner and it does not do any markup on the call/SMS charges.
To start making calls/SMS, you have to purchase credits on Outplay:


To purchase Dialer credits on Outplay:

Click on User Settings.

Click on Billing under company settings.

Select Dialer credits section from Billings page.

Click Add Funds.

Select the amount you want to load from the dropdown.

Click the tick button and proceed to pay the amount.

Once you have loaded credits in your account, you need to go ahead and buy a number from the below-mentioned page:


To purchase a phone number

Click User settings.

Click on Dialer under Company settings.

Select the Dialer section.

Under Add Number section, select the country you need the number from.

Click Search Available Numbers.

Choose a number from the list of available numbers by clicking on select this number.

Click Yes to proceed to purchase a phone number.

On purchasing a phone number, $1.15 is deducted from your Dialer Credits as a monthly charge for maintaining the phone number.

You can check the month-wise usage of your dialer credits by going to the dialer credits section of the billing page and clicking on credits usage

Check calls pricing for different counties on the below-mentioned link:


Also, you can find the SMS charges on the below-mentioned link:



Stripe processing fee is applicable for the payments and that will be deducted from the dialer credits.
Please check the application fee charged by stripe from the link below:


Updated on: 24/06/2024

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