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View your call log

View your call log to see past calls and download call recordings.

You can see past calls you've made and logged, and download call recordings in the Calls screen.

To open the Calls screen, click More options, then click the Calls icon.

Download a call recording

Calls are only recorded if:

They are made through the Outplay dialer.

They are made to an area that is not a restricted area code.

To download a call recording, press the download button next to the call.

Using filters and views

You can filter the call list by:

The caller.

The call outcome.

The call state, such as in-progress or busy.

Whether the call was an inbound or outbound call.

The date the call was made.

Whether the call was recorded.

To filter the call list:

Click Filters & Views.

Click the property you want to filter by.

Select the value you want to filter.

Click Done.

Tip: If you use a particular set of filters regularly, click Save as View to save them as a view you can easily re-use.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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