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Call Waiting

How does Call waiting work in Outplay ?

Call Waiting will show a notification to the SDR when there is an incoming call while the SDR is already on another call. This will help to choose whether to continue with the current call or pick the incoming call.

This allows the SDR to never miss an incoming call while doing his/her outbound calling.

Benefits of Call Waiting:

You can swap between the two calls.

You can assign, tag, and comment on both parts of the call.

You can make as many consecutive calls while on the same inbound or outbound call as needed, (hang up and call another per requirement).

How does it work?

When a prospect returns your call, an incoming call notification will display in the top right corner of the platform, thus notifying the SDR about that incoming call.

Call Actions SDR can take when this happens:

End & Accept – This will allow the user to end the current call and accept the incoming call.

Hold & Accept – This will allow the user to hold the current call and accept the incoming call.

Decline – This will decline the incoming call.

If the user chooses to Hold & Accept, then the current call will go on hold and the dialer will display the calls which are on hold, as shown in the screenshot below:

Clicking on the button will open the popup which will show all the calls in the queue. The popup displays all the calls which are either on hold or in an active state as shown below.

Note :There is no change in the whisper, barge, and transfer functionality. Also, no change in the call log functionality.

All the calls either active or in queue will be visible on the calls page as well with the status mentioned below. If the call is Active, it will show the status as Active, the calls which are on hold/queue will be shown as On-hold.

Once the ongoing call is ended, the system will automatically show the below pop-up.

Basis the FIFO concept, the second caller who called in will be shown in the notification.

If the user wants to switch to a different call, they can click on the View more calls option.

Click on the View more calls option, the system will show the popup which will show the calls which are in the queue. Click on the pause option to make the call active.

Once the call is active, they will see the window below:

Points to Remember:

Call log popup will open for the prospect who is in an active state.

No restrictions on the number of calls.

Dialer will show the name of the person who is in an active state.

As per Twilio, we can support up to 100 parallel calls at a time.

If I close the browser, then all the calls will be disconnected.

If the internet is broken, then all the calls will be disconnected.

If the caller who is in the queue disconnects the call, a call log pop-up will open and if the user closes the pop-up, a validation message will appear.

Only one call log pop-up will appear for one prospect.

Once the call is on hold, the recording will be on hold and if the call is active again then recording will continue from that resumption point onwards.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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