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How to embed Outplay Meeting Type on your website

With Meeting Scheduler on Outplay, you can embed a meeting type to your website. This way, when a prospect lands on your website at the height of their interest, they have the option to simply fill out a form, select a time slot, and easily book a meeting with you. 

Here's how you can go about embedding a meeting type to your website:

NOTE: If you already have integrated Outplay Sales Chat Widget and Website Tracking on your website, here's how you can integrate Meeting Type into your webpage.

On Outplay, click the Scheduler tab on the top panel.

Click Meeting Types on the sidebar menu.

Here, you can find all the meeting types that you created. Navigate to the meeting type you want to embed on your website and click the Embed Code button for the meeting type.

A window displaying the instructions to embed the code pops up. You can read the instructions and click the Copy Code button.

Once you've copied the embed code, you can paste the code into your website's HTML editor.

TIP: You can customize the appearance of your meeting type through the embed code:

You can modify the Width and Height of the form by simply entering appropriate measurements for the same in their designated space.

You can modify the HTML container ID to suit your preferences.

Once the required changes are made, the website can be taken live and your meeting form will be active on the webpage. 

Modify the embed code to skip form page and record default values

You can modify the embed code to record default values for the form fields and skip the form page all together. In such an instance, the lead is shown the meeting slots directly and the default values are saved for the form fields. 

First, find the Question Identifier for each field on the form. This can be found in the Forms section of a Meeting Type

Next, the Question Identifier and the default value should be added to the embed code. This is how the embed code should look like: 

Once the embed code is added to a website, the lead is directed to the meeting slot page and the default values of the form fields are recorded for the lead. 

TIP: If you do not want to skip the form page, you can omit skipFormDisplay: True, from the embed code. In that case, the form fields are automatically populated with the default values.

TIP: You can track your leads by adding UTM Parameters to your embed code. To read more, click here.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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