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How to invite new team members to Outplay

Invite team members to Outplay and assign licenses & mailboxes to them

On Outplay, you can invite team members as users to your subscription plan. You can select licenses and mailboxes for them, and send an email invite. When the user signs up, they are automatically added to the same subscription as yours, and the selected licenses and mailboxes are assigned to them.

Only Admins can invite new users and assign licenses & mailboxes.

Here’s how you can purchase:

User Seats/ Engagement Licenses
Observer Licenses
Additional Scheduler Licenses
Additional mailboxes

TIP: You can also update licenses and mailboxes for an existing user. Learn more by clicking here.

Here’s how you can invite team members and assign licenses & mailboxes:

On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

Click Users & Teams from the sidebar menu and click the Add New User button.

On the Add New User window, you can:
Select the Role which you want to assign to the new user. If you want to assign an Observer license to the user, you can select Observer in this field.
Enter a name for the new user.
Enter the email address of the new user.

Under the Select License section, you can select the checkbox for the following to assign the same to the new user:
Engagement License
Scheduler License
Additional Mailbox

NOTE: A new user can connect a mailbox when they accept the invitation and join Outplay. The option given here is to assign an additional mailbox connection to the user.

Click Send Invite.

An Outplay invite is sent to the new user. Once the user accepts the invitation, the new user is added to your subscription plan and the selected licenses and mailboxes are assigned to them.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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