How to assign Licenses and Mailboxes to an existing user

Assign Engagement, Scheduler and Mailboxes to an existing user

On Outplay, you can assign licenses for Engagement, Scheduler & Observer, as well as Mailboxes to existing users on your subscription plan. 

NOTE: Only an Admin can assign licenses & mailboxes on Outplay. 

NOTE: Here’s how you can purchase:

Here’s how you can assign a licenses and mailboxes to an existing user:

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

  • Click Users & Teams from the sidebar menu and navigate to the user for whom you want to update licenses and mailbox. 

  • Click the More Options button and click Update Role/ Licenses

  • On the Update Role/ Licenses window:
    • You can modify the role of the user if required. To assign an Observer License to the user, you can select Observer in the Select Role field
    • Under the Select License section, you can select the checkbox for the following to assign the same to the existing user:
      • Engagement License
      • Scheduler License
      • Additional Mailbox

  • Click Save. 

The role, licenses and mailbox for the existing user is updated.

You can also invite a new user and assign licenses and mailboxes for them. Learn more by clicking here.