Invite your team members

Add team members Outplay

You can add a team member for each Outplay license you have in the Team screen. Each team member can be assigned tasks of their own.

Note: You must be an Admin to invite team members.

  1. Click the user menu, and click Settings.

  2. Click Team.

Admins and users

In Outplay, your team members can have one or two roles:

  • Users, who can perform tasks and maintain their own accounts, prospects and sequences, but can't access team-wide settings.

  • Admins, who can perform their tasks, maintain all accounts, prospects and sequences and change team-wide settings.

If you have a User role, you can:

  • View all tasks, but only edit or complete your own.

  • Assign a task to anyone on the team.

  • View all prospects, accounts and edit them. 

  • View all templates and sequences, but only edit your own.

  • Change your own mailbox, calendar and safety settings.

If you have an Admin role, you can:

  • View anyone's tasks, but only complete your own.

  • Assign or re-assign a task to anyone on the team, including yourself.

  • View and edit anyone's prospect, account, templates, or sequence.

  • Create team email templates and convert personal templates to team templates.

  • Change your own mailbox, calendar, and safety settings.

  • Configure the Outplay team settings, such as schedules, billing, triggers, outcomes, and more.

Add a team member

To add a team member:

  1. Click Add New User.

  2. Type your team member's Name and Email address.

  3. Select whether your team member should be a User or Admin.

  4. Click Send Invite.
    Your team member will receive an email to invite them to your Outplay team.