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Purchase dialer credits

Add dialer credits to your account so you can assign phone numbers and make calls

To make calls through Outplay, you need dialer credits on your account. You can buy credits on the Dialer Credits screen in the Settings.

Note: You must be an Admin to purchase dialer credits.

Click the user menu, and click Settings.

Click Billing.

Click Dialer Credits.

To add dialer credits:

Click Add Funds.

Select the number of credits you want to add.

Click the tick button.

Low credit reminders

Configure when you want Outplay to remind you to top up your credits:

Type the email address Outplay should use to notify you that your credits are low.

Click the tick button.

Select the credit level you'd like reminders at.

Click the tick button.

Note: Stripe processing few is applicable for the payments.
Please check the applicable fee charged by stripe from the link below:

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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