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Regulate Opportunities for Users

This article helps Admins understand how to manage Opportunity view for their users.

Every user added to Outplay doesn't have the same permissions and roles.

To understand more about Users and Permission click here.

Admins can regulate their users from viewing Opportunities within Outplay. There are a few reasons why an organization would like to restrict the Opportunities view for their users.

The Outplay & CRM admin would like to limit manual updates on Opportunities.
Only a couple of teams need to view Opportunities in Outplay

While Inviting your team members, by default, Outplay allows 3 predefined roles as shown below.

But if Admin, requires they can create roles defined for their teams using "Add Role" icon.

Follow the steps below - 

Log in Outplay, Navigate to settings.

Click on Roles and Permissions.

Either click on Add role to create a custom role or the user can duplicate pre-existing roles and modify them.

If Admin wishes to restrict Opportunity view, scroll to the bottom and uncheck the Opportunities boxes.

Save the changes and Navigate to Users & Teams.

Invite your team members and select the role from the drop-down.

Any user associated with the role will be unable to see the Opportunities within Outplay.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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