Australian Phone Number requirements

Requirements for Voice + SMS Phone Number

Type of User:

  1. Individual User

  2. Business User

Individual User

Required Details

  1. Title

  2. First Name

  3. Last Name

  4. Identity Number

  5. Birth Place

  6. Nationality

  7. Academic Degree

  8. Profession

  9. Tax Code

Required Documents

  1. Proof of Identity: Government-Issued ID/Passport

  2. Proof of Address: Government ID showing address/Utility bill/Tax notice/Rent receipt/Title deed


Business User

Required Details

  1. Business Name

  2. Business Registration Number

  3. VAT Number

  4. Title

  5. First Name

  6. Last Name

  7. Identity Number

  8. Birth Place

  9. Nationality

  10. Academic Degree

  11. Profession

  12. Tax Code

Required Documents

  1. Proof of Identity: Commercial registry or equivalent

  2. Proof of Address: Commercial registry or equivalent/Utility bill/Tax notice/Rent receipt/Title deed

  3. Proof of Business ID: Commercial registry or equivalent

Kindly forward documents of either
Individual or Business to

Ex: If you are looking to purchase number on behalf of Business,
passport is not required.