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Welcome to Outplay. Outplay is designed to help you reach your sales goals by streamlining your process, so you can reach more prospects with better conversations in less time.

With Outplay, all your sales tasks for the day are gathered in your Dashboard, so you can breeze through them easily. Outplay does as much of the work for you as possible: emails are pre-filled with templates, any calls you need to make are pre-dialed in the Outplay dialer, so all you need to do is click Send or Call. Every interaction you have with a prospect is recorded in their profile, so you always know what's happening.


Automate the busywork

Great sales numbers happen when you have consistent, successful processes to follow. Outplay helps you consistently follow a powerful sales process without worrying about the background work: it all happens for you as you interact with your prospects! 

Sequences are your sales processes: the steps you take to reach out to a new or warm prospect. When you add a prospect to a sequence in Outplay, Outplay automatically generates the tasks you'll need to perform each day to follow your sales process for each prospect. Outplay keeps track of where each prospect is up to, and what you should do next: all you need to do is complete your tasks.



You can even use sequences to do some of your sales process for you, with automated emails. Create email templates with variables, and Outplay will automatically personalize them to the prospect, and send them for you when the time is right.

And with Triggers, you can make sure all your background maintenance happens automatically, whether that's updating prospect or account information, funnelling a prospect into new sequences, or creating tasks for you or your teammates to perform.


Keep the conversation going with live chat

When a warm prospect engages with a regular chat widget on your site, it can be very disruptive to your sales process: the chat widget asks the same qualifying questions all over again, damaging the rapport you've worked so hard to build.

With Outplay, when a prospect clicks a link from your email to visit the website, they see the Outplay chat widget, where they can chat with you directly. You can continue the conversation you were having seamlessly, helping your prospect feel like you're there every step of the way.

Manage your prospects and accounts

Maintaining high-quality information with your prospects and accounts is crucial to your sales process. You can create custom fields to store whatever information you need to on your prospects and your accounts. All of these custom fields can be used as email variables and as fields in triggers, just like the standard fields.

Your prospects each have a profile, which stores everything you need to know about them in one place, including the sequences they're in, every call or email you've had with them, and your own notes on your activity with them.

Improve your process with reports

Everything that happens in Outplay is recorded, so you can use the data to improve. This includes:

Let's get started

Setting up your Outplay account is easy! We've created a quick guide to help you through.